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Beginners Team
There is currently no beginners team in place, however we are ALWAYS looking for new member!!! Classes begin in October, so be sure to signup and become a member of our family!

Intermediate & Plus Team

Put on your jingle taps and follow me to the floating stage where the sounds of basic shuffles and syncopated rhythms intrigue every dancer's body and soul. Regardless of your heritage, age or gender, this European style of dance which has been adapted by various regions and cultures of the United States is right for you! Whether you like bluegrass, country, old-time music or Rock N' Roll you are sure to have a good time, as well as experience a great aerobic work out. For more information on whether clogging is right for you feel free to give us a call or come watch us perform.

Advanced Team

These amazingly talented dancers love to kick up their heals and preform mind boggling foot work! They recently took 2 place in the Columbus Regional Division competition! Even if dancing isn't an event that interests you, you'll be amazed by these four spectacular dancers!