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Yes....we have a history, and here it is.

The original group of Rock 'n' Country cloggers were all experienced cloggers, having learned the fundamentals of clogging with other groups. Each one of them has the deep love of the dance that infects the clogger's soul.

As time passed, some of us wanted to try something "different" and break from the "traditional" clogging sytle. It all began in 1998, in the Tandett basement in Cortland, Ohio, as just a handful of friends trying out new routines. Soon, this handful of dancers were invited to perform, and suddenly this gathering of friends became a group, and the group became a team...but the team needed a name....

The routines they were working on included both traditional country and modern pop music, so it made sense to go with "Rock 'n' Country Cloggers". And because the group wanted to be different from the traditional cloggers, the vote was cast to NOT use skirts with petticoats or western wear. (Somehow the idea of dancing to a good rock song in western wear, didn't seem to fit) the basic outfit was decided upon easily, one that was agreeable to both kinds of music....denim and khaki. (Shortly after that decision was made, denim and khaki exploded in the markeplace with ads for "The GAP" using our very outfits!!!)
Since then, we have added different "looks" to our group by expanding our wardrobe to include tie-dye, and this year we added the "punk" look of black mesh !

Because of the love of the dance, Rock n' Country Cloggers teach others who want to learn, and bring them along on the rollercoaster ride of a Clogger's life. Our clogging family continues to grow, and a true family it is....we are all very close to one another. The clogging team is a constant support group and lifeline to each member. We share good times and bad, and it is great to know that there is always someone in your corner when life gets rough....and someone to help celebrate when life is good!!!

This crazy, passionate, sincere and proud team of cloggers continues to dance along.....

and live happily ever after.